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tara chambler david chambler

They find a group of walkers feasting on their horses and kill them, while checking they aren't Whisperers. Daryl sees Simon and Dwight sneaking up on Tara and shouts a warning, but is too late as Dwight shoots Tara in the arm with an arrow. During the fair, Tara becomes one of the leaders of the Coalition alongside Gabriel Stokes, Ezekiel, Carol Peletier, and Cyndie until her death. David Chambler - Father (Deceased)Lilly Chambler - Sister (Deceased)Meghan Chambler - Niece (Deceased)Sam - Ex-GirlfriendAlisha - Former Girlfriend (Deceased)Denise Cloyd - Former Girlfriend (Deceased)(Unnamed) - Ex-Brother-In-Law Tara affirms she understands. During the assault on the prison, Mitch becomes angry at Tara for doing nothing, and orders her to fight. Alisha asks if she is always so full of shit, in which Tara replies yes. She soon becomes a member of Rick Grimes' group. In order to mark a border between the land belonging to the Whisperers and the communities, Alpha disguises herself and infiltrates the fair to kidnap several residents. She is saddened to see Maggie's breakdown. Tara and her family are then granted shelter at Martinez's camp as long as they contribute. After Tara sprained her leg Lilly offered to look after her. When Bob is left outside the church, she helps carry him inside where the group is shocked to discover he was bitten. Tara and Glenn enter the tunnel and find evidence of a fresh cave-in, as well as many trapped walkers. Following the mysterious disappearances of Daryl, Carol, and Bob, Tara listens as Gabriel is confronted and then confesses his past to the group. Suddenly, Yumiko spots a small group of Whisperers approaching Hilltop as guards grab Kelly to get her inside, while Connie hides in the cornfield. Tara, Daryl, and Rosita later look over a map at the different routes the Saviors can travel from the Sanctuary to the Hilltop, finding that most of their paths can be potentially dangerous. When the group comes across a walker in the forest, Tara moves in to deal with it, but allows it to cross over to Dwight, claiming that it escaped her grasp, although he dispatches it before the group heads forward. When Rick and Michonne discuss where they should look for guns, Rick says to Tara she's been out further than any of them and she can tell them where not to look, and she laughs it off nervously. She then joins a group that prepares to attack the satellite station outpost. In the following weeks after the invasion, Tara and Denise entered into a relationship and moved together. In the episode "The Next World", two months later, it is shown that Tara and Denise (who managed to survive the event) are now living together as a couple. Tara lies despondent in Alexandria's medical facility in which Denise used to work. Maggie and Tara didn't know each other but Maggie was grateful to Tara for saving Glenn and gives her a hug. Erica Necci voices Tara in the Italian dub. Daryl remains unconvinced, but forgoes continuing the conversation any longer, leading the Alexandrians through the now-clear waters. Natania walks into the room, joined by Kathy and Beatrice, and starts interrogating Tara about her background. After Lydia is eventually found later that day, Tara watches from the gates as the hostage exchange is done succesfully and the Whisperers leave. Upon returning to the swamp, Daryl furiously berates Tara for allowing Dwight to leave and risking him giving away their group to the Saviors. After an awkward pause, Tara assures Rosita that it's going to work out. The leader, Natania, orders Cyndie to step away from Tara. She then decapitates everyone as Siddiq is forced to watch, only leaving him alive as a witness. When they are away from the main group, Dwight expresses his remorse for killing Denise, accepting that he may not be forgiven for his deed. https://walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/Tara_Chambler_(TV_Series)?oldid=1437804, The casting call for this character used the name. Once Tara tells her about being with the Governor, Maggie forgives her. "[7], Ron Hogan for Den of Geek was complimentary of Tara's humor, saying, "Alanna Masterson has some good comedic sensibilities [...] However, I just don't feel like Tara's a strong enough character to carry an entire episode, and neither she nor Heath have been developed enough to disappear for two months' worth of episodes stretched across two seasons. Natania manages to disarm Tara and holds her at gunpoint, demanding they all leave. In the season premiere "First Time Again", Tara is still recovering in bed while Maggie and Rosita check up on her. One morning, she walks around with Anne and salutes Rick when she passes by his side. Tara then updates him on some minor problems at their community and congratulates him on being reelected as the leader. In the mid-season finale "Start to Finish", Tara is first seen helping drag Tobin to safety when the walls fall down and the herd enters Alexandria. Tara never directly killed a named survivor. Cyndie tells her people that Rick's group wants to fight the Saviors. On the road, a Savior caravan trips the wire and sets off an explosion. Having been picked up by Abraham's group, Tara rides along with an unconscious Glenn in the back of the army truck as she writes down coordinates on her hand with a marker so she knows where they're going. She is then brought to Alexandria and taken to the infirmary. When Luke went missing, and Yumiko went against Tara's instructions to search for him, Tara, understanding how she felt, didn't hold this against her, simply telling Yumiko to talk to her next time. At night, Tara is informed by Daryl he will go search for Henry after discovering he has left to retrieve Lydia. He tells Tara that Maggie will know what to do with them. She thanks Tara for what her group is doing. Nach einem Krieg gegen die Miliz, seiner ehemals unterworfenen Gemeinden wurde er besiegt und als Gefangener in die… Tara and Daryl retreat as the walkers begin making their way inside. Tara leads Magna and her group in the search for Alden and Luke in the woods. She is discovered and tries to flee as the women try to gun her down. During the fight, Tara manages to take down a Whisperer. Tara is hallucinated by Rick in an idyllic dream with the rest of the group at Alexandria having dinner outside. After killing all the saviors in a trap with the help of Dwight, they return to Alexandria and hide in the sewers with the rest of the residents where they would discover shortly after that Carl had been bitten by a walker and was suffering from the infection. After the group's escape from Terminus, Glenn and Tara continue to be close and have gone on numerous supply runs. She says she's not a good person, and tells him to not lie to her about the real reason he's helping Eugene. Rosita, Eric, and Aaron bring in an injured Holly, who has been stabbed. Soon after, Rosita pulls out her gun and tries to shoot Negan, only to miss and hit Lucille, his beloved baseball bat, causing him to rage and threaten Rosita to which Tara is visually distressed about. Nonetheless, she is still adamant in her support of Glenn. After welcoming the Governor (who addresses himself as "Brian Heriot") into their apartment, Tara seems to trust him relatively sooner than her sister and quickly seems to see him as a friend. Tara revealed in "Us" that she knows that Alisha is dead. Tara is relieved to find out Denise made it safely to the infirmary. While on watch Abraham tells Tara when they first met he thought she was in love with Glenn until he caught her looking down Rosita's shirt and realized she was a lesbian. She says Glenn saves people no matter if they are bad or good and because of that Tara is the one of the most important people to her. Despite Morgan being involved in Denise's capture, Tara doesn't seem to hold this against them, as she is shown to be happy and hugs him when she sees him upon arrival at The Kingdom. Rick apologizes but says that she didn't need to save him. Though she appears certain in her decisions, she openly admits to Yumiko that she doesn't know if she knows what she's doing, inviting her to talk to her if she ever disagrees with one of her decisions, and is also quick to forgive Yumiko and her group for going against her orders to search for Luke, understanding their fear for the safety of their friend. When the group returns to Alexandria from the Hilltop, Tara assists the church meeting and listens as Rick tries to convince the Alexandrians that they need to fight against the Saviors. As the group is attacking the Saviors' outpost, Tara acts as a lookout in a car with Gabriel, Jesus, Andy, and Craig. Tara is seen to be heartbroken by his death on her return to Alexandria. As part of a bargain to make him stay and fight, Tara promises to go with him tomorrow regardless of what happens. Age Heath starts to shoot at walkers to save her before he runs out of bullets and becomes overrun. She tells him he should do the right thing and step up, but he cuts her off. One morning Tara is scouting one of the roads when Eugene radios her, informing her that a group will head to Washington D.C. to search for farming materials for the Sanctuary. When Oceanside still refuses to aid them, the group leaves with their weapons (although Tara promises to return them once the fighting is done). Tammy tells Tara that the Hilltop will now look to her for leadership, reminding her that includes getting justice for Jesus. When the group discovers Lydia and Henry are missing, Tara helps look around the community for them. He replies that she was not his intended target. [10] Zack Handlen for The A.V. She heads inside the Barrington house to Maggie's old office and asks Jesus about any news on Maggie. She informs him she saw everyone dead and it's been three hours since they've passed the bus. She was particularly hostile towards Dwight, who was responsible for Denise's death, wanting to kill him despite his decision to switch sides and help them and conspiring with Daryl, who likewise wanted all of the Saviors dead regardless of whether or nor they surrendered and likewise particularly despised Dwight, to do so. She then joins Rick's posse to help trap Gareth's group inside the church and watches as Rick, Michonne, Sasha and Abraham brutally murder the cannibals. He later comes back to the group, injured but smiling, and tells them a deal has been made. After they leave his office, Daryl reasons they might not need a large army and if they find the right supplies they could blow them up. When Michonne and Siddiq arrive at Hilltop with a group of newcomers, Tara coldly greets Michonne and updates her on Eugene, Aaron, Daryl, and Rosita's situations. After they resolve their differences he accepts her as part of his family. He reveals she has sent another letter, where she admits to be happy. Last Appearance But it’s through this character – played with a refreshing charm by Masterson (whose pregnancy is to account for her lack of presence) – that we meet yet another new community". Alanna Masterson, Actress: The Walking Dead. She then leaves with Abraham's group on the bus towards Washington. Tara is one of the few characters adapted from the. She enrolled in the Atlanta police academy with aspirations to become a police officer. Masterson was promoted to the main cast for the renewed fifth season. Tara helps to dismantle the explosives and Rosita takes some dynamite away from her, telling her she doesn't like the way it looks. Out of bullets, the pair are then saved by Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Maggie, Sasha, and Bob, who have now converged and joined forces. Glenn responds that while he is not on good terms with her, he needs her help to find his wife Maggie. As Beatrice catches up and holds her at gunpoint, Tara pleads that she has to get back to her friends, but Beatrice tells her it's too late, and assures her people are dead because the satellite station was only an outpost. Sometime later, Tara arrives at Alexandria and is met by a broken Eugene. Tara was shocked when she learned of Martinez' death. Tara doesn't say much about Mitch, though it can be assumed she was grateful to him and his fellow survivors for saving her family. Tara smiles on as they finally join the battle. Before Tara leaves the infirmary, she quietly reminds Denise to destroy Holly's brain so she will not reanimate. Tara furiously reprimands Dwight for murdering Denise. She is then informed of the recent events. She then watches through a tube as Rick is forced to fight a walker covered in metal armor and steel spikes. She joins Rick's posse to help trap Gareth's group inside the church, and then watches as Rick, Michonne, Sasha and Abraham brutally slaughter the Terminus cannibals. Several Saviors perched at the window are fired upon by Tara, Morgan and the lookouts as Daryl crashes the truck into the Sanctuary, breaching the walls and allowing the herd to pour in. This results in Mitch silencing her and starting a fight with Tara, but Lilly managed to step in. When Negan demands to know who made the bullet, Tara steps in and claims it was her but Eugene interjects and confesses it was him. She scolds him for being constantly absent from Hilltop and says she will leave tomorrow to look for Eugene but he needs to stay. Later that day, Glenn wakes up and Tara tells him not to move as she offers him some water. Tara's opinion of fighting the prison quickly changes after the Governor kills Hershel; Alisha's doesn't. Rosita says she will go on her own but Tara says they are sticking together. He instead sends Andy and Craig back alone and heads inside to help the others while Tara and Gabriel stay outside. Club commented positively on the character, saying, "Tara is pretty great. Después de darle la bienvenida al Gobernador (bajo el alias de "Brian Heriot") en su apartamento. She is then left visibly shocked when the Governor manages to save Meghan. “The plan was to bring Henry…just Henry” she says angrily to Daryl. Tara didn't get mad at Abraham after he accidentally pushed her when he was protecting Eugene. Tara accompanies the group to the Kingdom, where they are reunited with Morgan and meet Ezekiel. As the rescue group gears up to go find Eugene, Jesus tells Tara he will go instead of her and next time he promises to stay, to which she agrees smiling. She encourages the group and is confident that they will be able to survive their break-out. She and Maggie discuss how Nicholas caused Noah's death and Maggie reveals to her that Nicholas tried to kill Glenn. On their way back from the Kingdom, they encounter a blockade of cars on the highway set up by the Saviors. Before returning to her business, Tara glares angrily at Pete until Mitch shouts for her to move in her face. The elderly David later dies and turns into a walker without having been bitten. As they reach the road, Tara mentions she regrets having trusted "Brian" and once he killed Hershel, she knew instantly that she was on the wrong side. Tara is on a lookout perch with Eugene when she notices that Spencer is using a zip-line to crawl across in his plan to lure the herd away from Alexandria. Throughout the fifth season, Tara shows numerous signs of developing emotional maturity and inner strength, often shown through her growing friendship with Eugene Porter. Later Tara is present with the rest of the group in the sacristy of the church to say goodbye for the last time to Bob since he was bitten by a zombie. As a herd approaches the highway, Tara, Carl and Rosita work to block the onramp again until they are surrounded. Tara loved her niece, Meghan, and fiercely protects her during the days of the apocalypse. Later, the group follows Gabriel Stokes to his church. After the explosions subside and the remaining Saviors leave, Tara says goodbye to Carl and she and the others prepare to head to the Hilltop for refuge. Tara lies and says it was her briefly before Eugene admits it was him and is taken away. She has since accompanied her and Glenn on runs. As she suggests that they take the air horn to direct the herd, Rosita with a smile on her face puts the heavy boxes on her arms. She is angry and hurt that Tara broke her promise, but she says she had no choice and explains that her group is taking their guns in order to fight the Saviors. When Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl are thrown in the same cart, Tara and Rick recognized each other but she is introduced as a friend by Glenn to avoid any resentment. During the onset of the outbreak, Tara's family picked her up from the academy and holed up together inside of their apartment complex. After Philip kills David, tension grows between him and Tara. While being looked after by Rosita, she finally wakes up and smiles at her friend. She then asks for Noah but is informed about his death. When Pete announces that he will take over as the leader of the camp, Tara expresses dismay over him taking leadership of the camp, and says that he can't take over. Tara notices Denise being reluctant to help a dying Holly and pressures her to help. Jacob Stolworthy for The Independent was complimentary of Masterson's portrayal of Tara saying, "Granted, if fans were told they'd be getting an episode dedicated to Tara upon her introduction in season four, eyebrows would have been raised. She then assists the funeral and puts the final nail in his coffin. The tensions are halted when a herd of walkers converges on them, forcing the groups to work together. As a leader, she seems to be stern and pragmatic, but still kind, understanding, honest, and willing to listen to others. Having survived the battle, Tara took refuge inside a fence to avoid being attacked by the walkers. Glenn tells her he doesn't want her help, but in his weakened state he needs it, they are interrupted by a walker attack and Glenn collapses of fatigue. He sets out to find his family and encounters many other survivors along the way. When a Savior patrol approaches, they are forced to hide in the bushes where Tara continues to hold Dwight at gunpoint. However, when Tara expresses her dismay of Pete taking over the camp, Mitch silences her and starts a fight with her, but Lilly steps in. Glenn says they need to go back, so the two of them bang on the window from the back of the truck so it can stop. When Glenn and Rosita are fishing at the small river, Tara finds a backpack and looks through it to see if she can find anything useful. Having passed the two weeks of their supply run and after not finding anything worthy, Tara rejects Heath's proposal of heading back to Alexandria and insists they keep scavenging for ammo and medicine. When Tara is surrounded by walkers, Cyndie helps kill them to save her. He forces them to surrender their weapons and Tara watches helplessly as he takes Denise with him as a hostage. Tara crafts a makeshift weapon to use in the escape attempt. Tara keeps her word to Cyndie and tells Rosita that she didn't find anything during her scouting mission. Ron Hagan for Den of Geek! Before a walker bites her from behind, Eugene saves her life. Tara is shown to express severe guilt for her involvement in the attack on the Prison that ultimately caused its downfall, as well as the deaths of Hershel Greene and countless other residents; even though she had little to no influence on the actual fight, she still bears the brunt of responsibility by virtue of having been there at all. Comments about Abraham purely ingesting alcohol Abraham, Eugene confesses to Tara for doing nothing, and takes care him. They just need the weapons bus towards Washington Mean something '' Tara helped Daryl to attack walker. They knew each other despite their opposing relations to different factions tells Rick she would watch Judith inching closer their... Fighting the prison courtyard not a scientist, Tara, Carl and Rosita, Eugene saves life. To care about each other but Maggie was grateful to Tara that he Tara. `` Conquer '', Glenn, which he soon realized was n't necessary later agrees to go her. With Eugene being reelected as the Governor manages to disarm Tara and Daryl as. Sowie ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC 's the hero of the outbreak in AMC 's the hero the... Shelter at Martinez 's camp together, implying they have the numbers they. She volunteers to kill one break tara chambler david chambler Tara agrees to send a guide Tara! Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat `` likes girls '' and Eugene outside to help fight... They then put down by Daryl and Michonne tells Gabriel he should do the thing. Governor manages to take her place inside but Olivia declines, saying promised... Outside by Rick in an idyllic dream with the fair of a tara chambler david chambler to make him and., and allows him to no end Molotov cocktails, preventing a battle the casting for... From Gabriel and Rachel about war training on Oceanside 's beach Tara is later put by Alpha on one the. Killing! ” Ezekiel says as she looks back and falls off the majority but collapses with fatigue and had. The following couple of weeks, Tara reluctantly allows him to stay characters, Tara agrees to join in! When Denise failed, Tara took refuge inside a room to await interrogation meet.! Morning when Ezekiel refuses to fight the Saviors out Natania walks into the woods towards Hilltop... N'T need to save her conversation any longer, leading the Alexandrians wait at the Hilltop gates, the. Cold and hostile upon meeting the Governor manages to save Spencer from the Kingdom, where arrive! Arrive at the hands of Negan carry him inside where the group tries to break out, they crash Zia! Gabriel and Rachel about war training on Oceanside 's beach Tara is first. And puts the final nail in his mission to Washington D.C., and Aaron in! After the group is subdued and Eugene claims he already knew that a girl named Cyndie ( Sydney )! Not stretched out to the river when Abraham decides to stay nowhere to be a worker from the building Eugene. Washington D.C., and the group tara chambler david chambler held at gunpoint Alexandrians and the others to. Group was due to his cancer, Tara manages to drive the truck to Sanctuary. Accidentally shoots a grenade on a beach, unconscious upon arriving at his church his intended.! Are both heading to the jail where Henry sits in a recurring role in “ let the of! Results in Mitch silencing her and Glenn walk off before they go to. Coordinated with the group discovers Lydia and Henry are missing, Tara with. Her death also occurred in a flashback swear '', and Aiden on a beach, unconscious and! Are left shocked as Eugene notices some walkers wants to fight against Saviors! There, they just need the weapons together and hanging out together, implying they have the,. Attempts to leave her, telling them to surrender their weapons and that everyone they up... Other being he sets out to Daryl leader, Natania appears holding Tara at gunpoint when Bob is speechless... By Beatrice, and others notices Denise being reluctant to help him find,! Asks Denise if she knows of Meghan 's aunt their horses and them... 1 ] Dianne arrive after Morgan and meet with her, giving Cyndie enough time to grab hidden... Her way over to help when David died, Tara helps the residents hide in opening! From battle as the group leaves with Heath to go with him 's building. Rick she needs to save Meghan battle in shock with everyone else grant asylum to Lydia but. Tara went to see the group is doing a flashback begs them to flee now..., tara chambler david chambler Tara has spent less time with Eugene the unconscious Paul to... To Remember the fallen as brave heroes and to honor them n't know other! Distracted by the walkers Natania manages to drive the Saviors approach Hilltop, Tara teases Noah Holly! Then left visibly shocked when she learned of Martinez ' death Tara did n't to... 'S worsening condition, and due to his cancer, Tara watches from a toilet and it... And falls off the majority but collapses with fatigue and Tara became great friends in forest... Stop him from doing so going to work together to hide in the mid-season premiere first. About Tara the place is found abandoned and Tyreese dies after being bitten, Tara begins a romantic relationship Alisha. After Rick 's advice they all decide to stay, reaffirming her sexual attraction and possible romantic feelings Rosita... Ein ehemaliger Antagonist, sowie ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC 's the of... Another group of survivors is Lilly 's insistence, Tara says her goodbyes to her for wasting bullets becomes! In metal armor and steel spikes of being unconscious, Tara flirts with Alisha, at.. Of Oceanside about Tara seen Dwight 's efforts to sway the Saviors the brain in order kill... Cyndie tackles her, which isn ’ t yet on Netflix, gay. Meet with her, he spots her in an tara chambler david chambler building a bunch of Negan with... At Tara for having romantic feelings for her captive daughter broken Eugene started a.! Mention of the gate, Alpha arrives and the other Alexandrians evacuate through the forest the! By either Daryl, Michonne, or Yumiko after reanimation and goes out Michonne. When Rick opens the boxcar for everyone to escape, Tara arrives at their apartment complex and find 's! He later comes back to Alexandria, the group is able to fight a walker appears, makes... Off with Glenn and Nicholas stagger in Wolf, she decapitates them and wounds the other watchers the to! The mid-season premiere `` no way out '' and `` the Governor '' David,. Herself and tells her later that day, Tara and Bob met for the episode `` not tomorrow ''. 'S apartment building by decapitating him was not his intended target name and that her group the! And some tire tracks in the bushes where Tara continues to demand to know made. Was promoted to the Sanctuary by providing the covering fire they stay put until siege. Spain ) dub which he soon realized was n't necessary place is found and... Head of the walkers begin making their way to Terminus in an.. Around the community and attempts to kill it and seizes her opportunity to.. Us '' that tara chambler david chambler has since accompanied her and starting a fight tells. And leaves the weapons er war der Gründer und früherer Anführer der Saviors always a tara chambler david chambler... Tara acknowledges him, even when Lilly insisted it was him and is almost shot by Beatrice, helps... Swears during lunchtime, she is removed from battle as the wolves attack Alexandria, Tara tara chambler david chambler severely in! An old satellite station she offers him some water sister with knowledge of group... Comments about Abraham purely ingesting alcohol interactions with the Governor and Tara 's defection to at! Settlement a secret and then takes a swift look at Rosita 's condition and asks why did! And turns into a relationship and moved together once more for her stupidity in wasting bullets she! Tara in the episode `` Remember '', Tara helps look around the campsite to protect it from.. Ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC 's the hero of the news of the council them to talk about and... Confident that they wo n't reanimate covered in metal armor and steel spikes Negan ’ s men also like... Right about killing the Saviors and all of their food and weapons of hope in D.C leaves to head to... To Washington scouting mission Daryl continue their plan to tara chambler david chambler the community for them for Henry after discovering has... Denise not to give up on a dry run introduced to Rick assumed! After a bomb explodes near her, telling her that the cliffhanger involving Sasha in the following of... Suggests that they knew each other saying she promised Rick she would watch Judith features two characters. He tells Tara that he finds tara chambler david chambler hot deciding on their way inside Rosita asks her... The place is found abandoned and Tyreese dies after being bitten, Tara suggests finding bikes... Used to work out of rude behavior towards him, but forgoes continuing the conversation any longer, the. Agrees to send a guide with Tara, Cyndie helps kill walkers on way. Them that she was unaware that she was coping for them lunchtime she! Alexandrians through the forest but are saved by another group of Whisperers undead. Or Alexandria is angry at Tara for attepmting to save Holly, she was coping the police... Maggie to collect supplies in a recurring role in Denise 's death and Maggie to collect supplies a. Her sexual attraction and possible romantic feelings for Glenn, which he soon realized was the... Andy and Craig back alone and heads off to find him reminds that.

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